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Keratin Treatment in Dallas

Have you heard about keratin treatment? Keratin hair treatment by GK at Craft and Co. Salon in Dallas, Texas, is a great way to get healthy, natural straight hair without the harsh chemical processes that can leave your hair permanently damaged. These unique hair-smoothing treatments use a combination of keratin and other oils that hydrate your hair, while bonding to the hair’s cortex and straightening it for up to five months.

Keratin Dallas

Why Choose Keratin Treatments Over Other Straightening Methods?

Those who have had curly hair all their lives know that how hard it can be to find a hair-straightening product that works consistently without causing breakage and other damage. In addition, once your hair has been permanently straightened, it either needs to be cut off or your hair needs to be completely re-treated when it grows out.

With keratin treatments, you can achieve great results every time, and the product slowly fades away over the course of three to five months. As your hair grows out, your straightened hair will begin to return to its regular appearance, so that it will blend perfectly until your next appointment.

What is Treatment Like?

Your stylist will apply the GK Keratin Treatment and let it process. After it is done processing, your stylist will rinse your hair and use approved GK shampoo and conditioner. Following your treatment, your hair will be dried and styled. If your hair is being colored, your stylist will complete the coloring process prior to the keratin treatment.

The first 48 hours after your treatment allow the keratin and other nutrients to continue processing on your hair, so you should not wash your hair during this time. In addition, you should not go swimming or apply other chemicals to your hair that could interact with the keratin.

Finding Keratin-Friendly Products

With the right products, it is possible to prolong the results of your keratin treatment. Your stylist can help you pick out products that have been specifically recommended for keratin-treated hair, including shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

At Craft and Co. Salon, you can expect to find Keratin smoothing treatments, starting at $250 depending on length and density of your hair. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your appointment.