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Masterfully Crafted Hair Extensions in Dallas

Coming to you from the exquisite Balmain Paris line, Balmain hair extensions from Craft & Company are masterfully crafted, durable and natural looking, adding volume and color to your hair any way you want.

Balmain has been recognized as one of the top luxury brands in hair extensions thanks to their quality and construction, making them the go-to choice for hair stylists all over the world. 


Balmain currently has several different product lines including all natural human hair and synthetic hair, as well as clip-in, weft, and hot fusion styles.

Whether you are looking for a reusable extension that will last you up to six months, or a simple removable hair dress which can quickly be added for an event, they have created products that outlast the competition and provide you with plenty of styling options. 


Balmain hair extensions also come in many different colors and patterns including the most popular Ombre styles of the year. As you layer in hair extensions and add volume, these beautifully colored strands flow naturally into your own hair, creating a fluid appearance that is perfect for styling and movement throughout your day. 


Balmain’s DoubleHair line is one of their most popular products available. It comes with three different application methods: bonds, rings or clips. You can choose the method that is most comfortable for you, and have up to 60 cm of thick, natural, human hair added in, usually, less than 35 minutes. 

The Systeme Volume is a complete hair extension system designed to help you overcome challenges with your hair. The Systeme Volume is made up of many smaller strands of hair used to fill in isolated spots.

It uses a hot fusion technique and a special set of tools designed to perfectly space and place each extension. These extensions are one-time-use only, but can last up to three months with proper care. The best part: the application process only takes about 15 minutes. 

If you are looking for something short term, Balmain has both clip in hair dresses and incredible up-do styles in more than nine different colors. Hair dresses use a wire base to stay in place, and can be removed at the end of the day. They are perfect for cat walks and stage events, and can be applied in under a minute.

The Elegance line is designed specifically for up-dos and formal events, allowing you to accomplish intricate hair designs in a short time. Elegance extensions can be used in combination with Fill Ins to create an even more complex look. 

You know what your ideal hair looks like, and it is time to find the best hair extensions in Dallas. To get the perfect fit from a high-end manufacturer with a solid reputation, stop by and schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our certified Balmain stylists at Craft & Company. We will help you match colors and styles to achieve your personal goals.