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Goldwell Colors in Dallas

At Craft & Company, our passion for hair color shows in our dedication to using high quality products. Our goal is for clients to leave with colors they can wear with pride.

We proudly use the following products:


This product is applied after color services to promote stronger, healthier hair without compromising the color treatment itself. Applied in two steps, Bondpro+ offers strengthened and revitalized hair. As its name suggests, Bondpro+ strengthens the bonds within a strand of hair through an inter-amino bonding system, preventing breakage.


Intense color is the name of TopChic’s game: it boasts of a variety of shades and total coverage of grey. This product also offers gentleness, evenness, and durability, its use of the patented Integrated Protect system – an intelligent color system – provides stunning results while promoting smooth, healthy hair.


Nectaya offers deep, rich, saturated color that will eliminate all grey hairs, without the smell or damage of ammonia. The range of shades is broad, moving through light and dark colors. Nectaya also offers its own technology for healthier hair – IntraLipid – which replaces lost hair lipids. Natural ingredients, health-promoting technology, and variety make this product very special.


Exceptional color and shine come from this oxidant- and ammonia-free dye. The increase in hair health as displayed by shine and color intensity comes from Elumen’s magnet technology, anchoring color within the hair, and its repair effect that fills the porous areas of the hair that diffuse light.


The first dye to introduce IntraLipid technology, Colorance offers its own assortment to meet just the right hair coloring needs. Colorance provides a new way to express the natural color of hair, and refreshes the color base, leaving behind a brilliant shine.

Men Reshade

Reducing grey without harming a masculine look, this product is applied as a foam. Men Reshade provides results in five minutes and doesn’t leave behind visible roots, allowing a fresher look with one application.


Silklift is a lightener which grants lighter blonde tones without unwanted yellow tones. Gentle and with IntraLipid technology, Silklift provides gentle treatment of hair and natural highlights.

Oxycur Platin

A lightener with a broad range of results from highlighting to dramatic lightening, Oxycur Platin lightens both natural and artificial hair colors. The product is gentle on hair and useful for whole-head applications.

New Blonde

The aim of New Blonde is to break down harsh contrasts in hair for a more beautifully blended and natural blonde look. The product only makes lighter the darker colors in hair. It works in five minutes, with two applications.

Soft Color

This semi-permanent product is for quick and easy touch-ups: color refreshing, refining, or correction. The wide assortment of Soft Color products provides the solution for specific hair-coloring needs

Each of these products provides excellent results and we are proud to offer them to our clients at Craft & Company. We will work with you to determine which product would work best for your personal goals.