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Craft & Company Fluid Hair Painting in Dallas

Anyone who has ever had their hair highlighted knows what it feels like to have bundles of heavy foil wrapped up in your hair, weighing you down while you patiently wait for the dye to process.

Then there’s the matter of blending, ensuring that the highlights appear as natural as possible without hard lines showing where the dye was applied. It can be a time consuming and frustrating process at best, but that’s all about to change!

Fluid hair painting, at Craft & Company, is the newest highlighting technique that provides an incredibly smooth and natural appearance without all the foil.


You may have already seen the images gracing social media of girls laying back on a table with their hair splayed out in every direction. This is fluid hair painting and it is done on a flat surface with a wide brush.

By spreading your hair out over the surface in a thin layer, it is easier than ever for the stylist to brush in color, and then blend it towards the roots naturally. Toners and color variants can be added and mixed in throughout the process to create an even more dynamic look.

From the stylist’s perspective it is just like painting with water colors as they gently add more dye and swirl it around to create a masterpiece.

The Finished Product

Thanks to this new hair coloring technique, it is now possible to get hair highlights in under an hour. The stylist can apply color all the way around your head at one time instead of individually applying it to different sections.

After it is done processing, they will rinse out the color and style your hair. You will immediately notice that the highlights flow naturally into the rest of your hair.

Even when you lift or over-direct your hair there will be no visible line where the highlights begin and end. The final result is very similar to how your hair naturally lightens with the sunshine throughout the spring and summer.

Creativity Comes Alive

In addition to natural looking highlights, fluid hair painting is also being used to create many amazing, creative looks as well. It is the perfect way to add a pop of color beneath the surface, or to blend several different bright colors together. Whether you are looking for something really subtle or something edgy, this is the way to go.

You are sure to fall in love with fluid hair painting at Craft & Company after you experience the tremendous transformation it can have on your hair. No more stripe-y highlights or harsh lines. Fluid hair painting is all about smooth transitions and a fast, easy process!